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New Post? WTF? Resident Evil 5 Opinions...a Wee Bit Late, Like
Posted by Diggler - 3/7/2009 11:08

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One of The Dig's fave games ever got a sequel this year. Amidst a worryingly hectic period of his life, it's one of the few games to get a decent seeing to. But is it all it could have been?
Yeah yeah, I know it's been a while. I know I'm a terrible web master. And I know you hate me oh so much.

Rather than list off excuses as to explain The TPS Report's near-demise of late, let's cut to the chase with the updates though. Here's some ramblings on one of the very few new games I've actually had time to play this year.

It's a minor beaut too.

True, on first firing up Resident Evil 5, one can't help but feel the disappoint wash over them. Oh, I thought the same on trying out that demo, so know exactly what you mean. "It's oh so dated" I thought. "I can't move while shooting?!" I sputtered. "Racist!" I giggled. While also thinking, "Hmm, it actually kinda is...".

Those are RE5's probs in a conveniently summarised paragraph really. Particularly that first point. You see, as fantastic as RE4 was, the time's sure have a changed. The game which pretty much invented the entire new skool third person, over-the-shoulder shooter, has since been surpassed by its many brothers and sisters. Gears and Dead Space are the obvious culprits, but even GRAW and - dare I say it - Dark Sector added some nice improvements to that since-surpassed formula. Chucking in everything from strategic dismemberment to seamless cover systems, each has improved on the old Resi stylings to pleasing effect.

So it's something of a let-down to see Capcom themselves take on little, if any of these improvements for RE4's sequel.

It all feels so 2005.

Come On!

Click to enlarge
Co-op feels like a natural evolution for the RE universe, given the series' endless emphasis on duos and their adventures together. Dropping all the scares along the way to accommodate that though? Something of a ball fumble
As a single player experience, it's not even as good as RE4 in fact. The fantastically in-depth treasure hunting system from the last game is completely castrated for one, while the much loved cockney trader is heart breakingly replaced by a non-descript menu screen. Level design is nowhere near as interesting either, losing the more hub-based structure of RE4's village for far more linear, self-contained set-pieces. The puzzles are long gone, even, replaced with a whole loada combat and...not much else. Most disappointing of all, much of that famous Resident atmosphere is lost, with not a single scare or shock to be found throughout its entirety. 5 is no longer a horror game you see; more about the straight-up shoot-out, than the dog jumping through the window.

I say "as a single player experience" though, as the one, ripe saving grace that totally and utterly saves RE5 in every single way is its new co-op mode. They say co-op makes everything more fun, and it's true...but that kinda sells RE5 short. It's built pretty much entirely around there being two of you from the ground up, ya see. Trading ammo, covering each other, strategizing on weapon loud-outs and constantly healing your buddy become pivotal parts of the RE5 experience, and kinda subconsciously get you working as a team without you even noticing it. There are simple voice commands at your disposal, but you won't really need them with that in mind. It's far more natural than all that. The way you need to tag-team certain bosses in particular, is somewhat inspired.

Come Back Anytime

This is how you need to play RE5, really. Although Chris' almost albino looking black partner Sheva tags along as an AI drone when tackled solo, single player is an appropriately lonely experience, losing much, if not all of the giggles and memorable moments that make co-op such a riot. The thought of 2 player quicktime events for example, may sound like the gaming equivalent of hammering nails through a scrote, but with the right company turns into one of the most hilariously friendship-testing gaming experiences of all-time. The laughs were many. As were the insults. ("Sorry, I was making a cup of tea!" -Jamdunc).

Click to enlarge
Newcomer Sheva's pretty bad ass. Just wait to you unlock her bow 'n' arrow in Mercs mode
That's all nothing compared to RE5's true coup de grace though. I talk of course, about the all-important "Mercenaries" mode. Opened up by completing the game once, Mercenaries is a time-trial mini-game that is almost fun and fleshed-out enough to pass itself off as DLC or similar. Mercs was a riot in the previous game, where you'd tackle self-contained sections of the main game in an attempt to beat high scores, while an imposing clock ticked-away at the bottom, but proves the one specific area highly improved this time out. The wealth of unlockable characters and weapons are simply amazing, while the ability to play this mode with a partner - both on or offline - imbues it with far more fun than ever seen previously. Nailing "S" rankings with a pal will prove Resi 5's true long-lasting end-game, and some of the best multiplayer action you'll currently find. I exaggerate not. I actually prefer this to the...ahem...slightly over-rated Left 4 Dead (oh balls, I'm gonna pay for that).

That's pretty much RE5 summarised for me, really. I could tell you about the largely irrelevant story if you want, the insanely beautiful graphics, and the simply superb weapon unlock system, sure. But the end of the day, it's just a damn fun 2 player game and not much else. That's not what I expected from the game going in by any stretch of the imagination, which perhaps explains some of the early disappointment. But removing comparisons to the previous title - or even others in this genre - I grew to kinda dig it.

Others may have taken over the former king, matching it feature for feature while adding a whole lot more on top, but RE5 is a textbook case of being more than the sum of its parts. It's a fantastic co-op game that you can do a hell of lot worse than.

Now that the old schedule's easing up...what's a ginger to play next? Recommendations?

(Pictures courtesy of Xbox)

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